Simply Solar are the Costa Blanca’s No.1 suppliers and installers of the latest innovative solar products, that harness the sun’s natural power, to enable every household to generate there own electricity and hot water.


Generate your Own Electricity

There are 3 types of Photovoltaic Systems and are simply explained - On Grid, Hybrid & Off Grid Systems


Thermal Solar Hot Water Heating

Our best selling Thermal Hot Water systems, manufactured in Europe and fabricated here in Spain. 


Thermal Solar Pool Heating

You can significantly reduce swimming pool heating costs by installing a thermal pool heating system


Solar Assisted Electric Air Inverted Pool Heating

These maintanance free systems work alongside your pool filtration pump, to lengthen your swimming season.

All our systems, Thermal and Photovoltaic, are bespoke for your personal requirements.

The examples shown here on our simple to use website, are purely for your guidance and information.
From our Surveyor's first visit, to discuss your needs, we at Simply Solar are offering you an inclusive package, from design to installation and our unrivalled after sales tech support.
We live in a very select area of Spain, spoiling us with an average of 320 days a year of sunshine, so why not take advantage of it?

 Residential Feed In Tariff (FIT)

All homeowners in Spain can now generate as much energy as they like, and recieve credit towards their bill for what they don't use!